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Why should I put my trust in KTS Pooled Trust?

This article is not intended to provide you with legal advice. Should you seek legal advice, please consult an attorney. KTS would gladly recommend an attorney should you need one. It’s important to have an attorney take appropriate actions on your behalf and to avoid issues that may be discussed in this article.

Having someone else handle your finances is an important decision that shouldn’t be left to chance. This is especially true for seniors and disabled individuals who are seeking or receiving Medicaid benefits. That’s why at KTS, we understand the concern you may have during this time of your life.

Who is KTS?

KTS Pooled Trust has been serving elderly and disabled Medicaid recipients since 2012. We offer a Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust, aka Medicaid Pooled Trust, to the elderly and people with disabilities in the state of New York. KTS Pooled Trust works hard to gain eligibility for Medicaid Home Care Beneficiaries by managing their income and expenses. Founded on the principle of maintaining the quality of life. Sam Schwartz founded KTS in 2012 to fill a void by helping the elderly and individuals with disabilities maintain their quality of life while remaining in their communities. Our mission – To keep more loved ones at home, benefiting from home care/assisted living by helping to preserve their Medicaid eligibility through a pooled trust that is tailored to meet a beneficiary’s particular needs or lifestyle.

Who does KTS Serve?

  • Elderly individuals and those with disabilities who are on Medicaid and who are residents in the state of New York.
  • Those on Medicaid or applying for Medicaid but find they do not qualify for benefits due to monthly excess income will find help as a member of the pooled trust.
  • By joining KTS Pooled Trust, we help the elderly and those with disabilities gain eligibility by depositing excess monthly income into the trust, which is then used to pay approved monthly expenses.

What makes KTS Pooled Trust different?

We understand that we are servicing an elderly population that is vulnerable and has been handling their own affairs for many years. Handing over these affairs to someone else is tough for them. That’s why we do our best to address their unique needs and alleviate any anxiety about this process. 

  • Better client care

Customer Service Driven We work hard for our 750 highly rated reviews by providing exceptional service that starts with a “welcome call” and prompt, caring attention to each member’s needs.  

Communication Excellence Our caring communicators keep members (and their attorneys) in the loop without long waits, slow responses, or unreturned calls/emails.

Providing Clients with a Simpler Process We take pride in keeping our system less complicated for our members as we walk them through every step of the process with personalized care in applying, deposits, and bill-paying. 

  • Better services

Innovative Software Our processes and state-of-the-art software ensure meticulous oversight with safeguards against errors and automatic emails to manage member funds accurately and efficiently. Account information is always available to members online or through our automated phone system to check their balance and recent transactions.

Better and Flexible Bill PaymentWe provide same-day electronic payments by entering disbursements into our system within the hour. We’ll pay bills even if it’s in the spouse’s name for couples with joint Medicaid and for up to 90 days following the member’s passing including family reimbursements for personal home care.

Swift and Accurate Remedial Action Although rare and in spite of every attempt to avoid an error, a mistake can happen. When it does, we move swiftly to make it right as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Large Balance Management We help with properly utilizing large account balances and will go out of our way with emails and calls if the member fails to send a bill for 2 months and will work with them to spend the money. (Bottom line: We don’t want to keep the money after passing.)

  • Other advantages

Fee Flexibility When flexibility is requested by an attorney or client due to special circumstances, we will reduce or waive our enrollment fee, and/or discount our monthly fee to help accommodate members who are struggling.

Convenient Debit Card Our available debit card option makes it easy for members to use funds to shop without the hassle of paperwork.

Community Outreach We love helping those in need, which is why we reach out to people with disabilities by providing needed assistance within the community.

Why do elder care attorneys prefer KTS for their clients?

KTS Pooled Trust has been working with elder care attorneys for over a decade providing help to their clients to qualify and/or maintain Medicaid Home Care benefits by managing their income and expenses to avoid having to “spend down” their excess income.

  • We provide better care for the clients of elderly care attorneys who value the relationships they’ve built with them and their families by providing exceptional customer service. 
  • We go the extra mile to help their clients understand and feel comfortable about putting their funds in a trust for KTS Pooled trust to manage and walk them through the process. 
  • We have expertise in unique situations from years of experience dealing with thousands of clients with various needs by managing their excess income and expenses.
  • Better communications for both you and your clients with prompt and caring responses, whether by phone, online, or email, without the frustration of getting the “run around.” 
  • We provide services that other trusts don’t with 24/7 online and phone account access, flexible bill-paying options, innovative software, and flexible fees.
  • Highly rated reviews by over 750 satisfied KTS customers and family members.
  • The only call attorneys get from their clients about KTS is a “Thank You” call for referring them to us.

About the author, Carlos Nath:

Carlos Nath is the Senior Trust Advisor with KTS Pooled Trust. As a seasoned professional with over four years of experience in the New York pooled trust space, Carlos has helped thousands to enroll and set up their accounts with KTS. He is proficient in understanding the Medicare process and provides assistance in clarifying what clients may need. Previously, Carlos worked with a Medicaid consulting firm as an advisor who helped clients who were seeking Medicaid assistance.

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