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At KTS Trust, we get it.
We understand what you’re going through.

You’ve decided that home care is the best option for your parent or grandparent. But it’s not easy to qualify for the federal and state government benefits you need to make it a reality. that’s where we can help.

Who we are

KTS Pooled Trust offers a Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust, also known as a Medicaid Pooled Trust, to the elderly and people with disabilities in the state of New York. The KTS Pooled Trust was established to help disabled individuals maintain their quality of life while remaining in their communities. This type of trust is permitted by law under rigid rules and requirements and helps keep more loved ones at home, benefiting from assisted living. We work hard to gain eligibility for Medicaid Home Care Benefits on your behalf through the management of income and expenses.

How a KTS Pooled Trust works:

This Medicaid pooled trust may be the answer to qualify for government benefits and stay home.

To qualify for Medicaid, excess income has to be paid to Medicaid.

To receive Medicaid government benefits, any monthly income deemed to be “excess Income” has to be paid to Medicaid or the MLTC. This is also called a “surplus” or “spend down.” This spend down requirement often leaves an individual receiving Community Medicaid without sufficient funds to pay for daily living expenses.

A Pooled Trust is used to pay expenses on a member’s behalf.

In many cases, a Medicaid Pooled Income Trust is the solution to this dilemma. Funds that are deposited into a Pooled Trust can be used to pay expenses on the member’s behalf. KTS Pooled Trust ensures that those in need of Community Medicaid receive the home health care they need while being able to remain in their own homes.

Did you know?

Many people don’t qualify for Medicaid because their income is too high.

KTS Pooled Trust works with you in the qualification process to help you or your loved one qualify for home health care and services.

Although funds are pooled together with others’ funds, each beneficiary has a separate account.

KTS Pooled Trust ensures meticulous care in handling your funds with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

A supplemental needs trust can be more affordable than other options that might be available.

KTS Trust will take you through the process and advantages of joining a pooled trust to meet your needs.

A pooled trust may be tailored to meet a beneficiary’s particular needs or lifestyle.

KTS Trust specializes in providing the kind of personalized care you or your parent/grandparent deserve and need to remain in your home.

What you can expect from KTS:

Help with qualifying for Medicaid homecare eligibility

There are eligibility requirements that must be met to qualify for Medicaid Home Care Benefits. Our expertise in this area will review your status. Our personalized customer service will help you determine what needs to be done to qualify for eligibility including too much earned income.

Peace of mind

Aging is part of life. Those tough decisions about health care and where you or your loved one will live out the precious time that remains is stressful enough. KTS helps put your mind at ease with a review of the options like home health care and what needs to be done to get you there.

Home care planning solutions

We’ll help sort out exhaustive paperwork and answer important questions to bring you closer to your ideal solution. A pooled trust may be the answer to achieve your goals. We’ll take you through the process of how our services help you gain access to homecare benefits.

What makes us different?

Our impeccable track record speaks for itself and has gained the trust of many people looking for home care eligibility. But we understand you may want to know what you can expect from a KTS Pooled Trust.

We are customer -service driven

your care is important to us, so we work diligently to give you the best in professional customer service.

We are supportive

your needs are met swiftly with reliable results via our investment in proprietary client support software

We are efficient and accountable

your worry is understandable which is why we take extra steps to ensure accuracy and visibility.

We are caring communicators

your desire to know what’s going on at all times is why we keep you in the loop at every step.

We are innovative problem solvers

your concerns about potential issues are met with rapid and innovative issue resolutions.

We are highly reputable

your trust in what we do for you is our guiding light daily, in every process, at all times at KTS.


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