Medicaid Planning for peace of mind when you need it most.

If you find that you need to apply and receive Medicaid, KTS is here for you. 

Medicaid planning can be a difficult process if you go it alone. There is an intense application and tons of paperwork that can frustrate applicants at the very start. So, if you need to become a Medicaid beneficiary, particularly to qualify for Medicaid’s Home Care Benefits, KTS offers a free consultation to get you started.

What are the steps to

obtain Medicaid benefits?



Fill out and complete
the Medicaid application.

This is the first step in order to receive Medicaid Home Care Benefits. As a resident of New York, you will need to apply in the state of New York. 

The application process can be lengthy and time consuming, depending on your situation. Unfortunately, the process can take even longer if you do not provide required documentation by the deadline date.



Provide information and documents according to New York state requirements.

When you apply for Medicaid, New York will require documents in order to complete your application. Documents that must be presented include proof of birthdate, lawful residence or citizenship, and doctor/medical information. 

You will also be required to provide financial information and documentation to verify your earned and unearned monthly income and other assets.



Qualifying to receive
Medicaid benefits.

You may be surprised to learn that after a lengthy process in applying for Medicaid that you are not eligible. This is very frustrating after providing all of the information and documentation that was asked of you only to find out that you do not qualify for benefits. 

But there are ways to remedy your situation if you find you are not eligible for Medicaid. For example, if you earn more monthly income than what is allowed by Medicaid, you can join a Pooled Income Trust to get qualified.



Join a Pooled Trust.

Joining a Pooled Trust can help with your Medicaid income eligibility requirements. If you’ve reached this step after trying to receive Medicaid and were told that you have excess income, surplus income, or need to spend-down, a Pooled Income Trust may be the answer. 

Without the help of a pooled trust, you will have to begin paying Medicaid instead of using your excess income to pay your monthly expenses. So, if you have already signed up for Medicaid and now need help to become eligible for benefits, KTS can help you. 

SAVE TIME and further aggravation. Why wait an additional 2 months after applying for Medicaid only to find you do not qualify? 

A pooled trust application can begin at the start of your Medicaid application process. Doing so will save you weeks of frustration and get you qualified sooner. KTS will provide a free consultation BEFORE you apply for Medicaid.

Plan for Medicaid with

KTS Pooled Trust

KTS has helped hundreds of satisfied people qualify for government home care Medicaid benefits. By joining the KTS Pooled Income Trust, members become eligible to receive Medicaid benefits, while not having to spend-down their excess income by making payments to Medicaid. Instead, they are able to deposit the excess income into the trust and pay their monthly expenses.

Here are two examples

of how we can help

Bill – a 78-year old man found that he now needs round-the-clock long term care. But he prefers to stay at home rather than go to a nursing home. Unfortunately, he has monthly income that is too high to qualify for Medicaid’s Home Care Benefits.

Joining the KTS Pooled Income Trust has helped him become eligible to receive Medicaid benefits and use his excess income to pay monthly bills.

Martha – a woman in her 40’s is disabled (in a wheelchair) and receives Social Security disability payments. The problem is that these payments put her over the limit to receive government aid. She needs assistance at home, has prescription drug co-pays, Medicare co-pays, and has to pay the Medicaid “spend-down.”

A pooled trust will let her keep receiving the Social Security disability payments, keep her Medicaid, and relieve her worries about co-pays. And at the same time, she can pay her other living expenses with her excess income that is deposited into the trust.

Don’t give up. You can do this.

With the help of KTS!

Everyone who needs Medicaid, disabled or over the age of 65, requiring assistance at home, can become eligible to receive benefits. There is a process to gain eligibility and you will need to follow the required steps in order to qualify. 

At KTS, we become part of your Medicaid planning by helping you work through the Medicaid application while applying for participation in the pooled trust. We’ll get you started by completing the necessary applications and paperwork together at the same time. You’ll save weeks of time and feel confident with the help of a dedicated consultant who takes the time to understand your needs.