In These FAQs, KTS Trust has the answers
to your Pooled Income Trust Needs

What is The KTS

Pooled Income Trust?

A Pooled Income Trust is a supplemental needs trust that allows you or your loved one to receive or maintain Medicaid benefits even if you have excess income. At the same time, this trust preserves your monthly income to pay living expenses. Bound by federal and state regulations, member participation is safe and a legal remedy to acquire Medicaid Home Care Benefits.

Why should I or
my loved one

join a Pooled Income Trust?

If you have applied for Medicaid and don’t qualify because you have excess income, surplus income, or have been that told you need to “spend down” because you’re over the income limit, a pooled trust can help. Joining a Pooled Income Trust, also known as Medicaid Pooled Trust, will help you or your loved one become financially eligible to receive government benefits for Medicaid Home Care and services.

Who Is Eligible

to Join a Pooled Income Trust

In order to join a Pooled Income Trust, you must be a Medicaid recipient, and to join the KTS trust specifically, the beneficiary must also be a resident in the state of New York. 

If you are applying for Medicaid but find you do not qualify for benefits, joining a Pooled Trust will help you gain eligibility by depositing excess income monthly into the trust. The income can then be used to pay your approved monthly expenses.

What are the requirements

for joining KTS?

To qualify, the beneficiary (you or your loved one) must be 65 years or older, or have a disability as defined by the Social Security Act, the law that governs such requirements.

The trust account must be established by the beneficiary, their Guardian, or a Power of Attorney.

Your excess monthly income over the Medicaid income allowance must be deposited into your trust account.

What are the benefits

Of A Pooled Income Trust?

A Pooled Income Trust pays qualifying monthly expenses and helps you to stay at home while receiving Medicaid Home Care Benefits. Without a Pooled Income Trust, an individual earning an income above the Medicaid allowable limits would have to turn over their excess income to Medicaid every month, and not be able to use it for their living expenses. When you deposit your excess monthly income into a Pooled Income Trust, you may become or remain eligible for Medicaid benefits. The money you deposit is used to pay for your basic living expenses, rather than turning it over to Medicaid as a spend-down.

What can KTS pay

with my monthly deposits?

Funds deposited into the KTS Pooled Income Trust can be disbursed for qualifying expenditures such as clothing, food, rent, utilities, and other basic living expenses. Our personal and caring KTS staff are happy to assist you in determining other expenses that may be covered.

Why should I

join KTS?


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