Here is what one person who switched to KTS has to say

April 19, 2021

Mr. Schwartz

KTS Pooled Trust

3011 Avenue K

Brooklyn, NY 11210                                                                                 

Dear Mr. Schwartz,

As a former Chief Operating Officer of a large service company with over 3,000 vehicles operating in 25 states in the US, I always felt that it was welcoming to receive a letter letting me know the good things some employees do, rather than the usual complaints and problems.

I was dealing with another pooled trust, and was having many difficulties. I called my attorney, Ronald Spirn, who advised me to call KTS, which is how I initially called your company.

I cannot express what a pleasure it has been working with Mr. Carlos Nath since my first contact with your company.

Because of his professionalism and “can-do” attitude, he has made it a pleasure to deal with your company. What a difference between the last company and yours!

I’ve called him several times when I had questions or issues, he always promptly returned my calls and explained and handled the situation.

Not only was he knowledgeable of all the issues that I brought up, but he helped above and beyond what he needed to have done. His business card should say; “Personal Client Advisor”.

Carlos is diligent, and gives impeccable attention to every detail.

Thanking you for your time, I remain,

Sincerely, MLG

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